AIDS Ministry

The AIDS ministry lunch program at LA/County/USC is into its 19th year. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the St. Bede’s Coordinato, Jeannette Young, at 310-398-6925. Drivers urgently needed. Please contact Jeanette.

  • We meet the 1st Wednesday of the month to make lunches for our AIDS/HIV patients at St. Mary’s (Palms). Volunteers prepare four kinds of sandwiches, deviled eggs, fresh fruit, juices, cookies (store bought and homemade) and candies. Fresh flowers from our gardens are always brought to decorate the tables. Volunteers deliver the lunches/flowers to the Women’s and Children’s Clinic and then continue on to the main clinic where patients are served.
  • Collect and donate toiletries (save from your travels), Christmas cards, calendars, $10.00 gift certificates for our adolescents (Target) and toys for the children; for the annual November in-gathering.
  • Donate All Occasion cards for House of Ruth-Women’s/Children’s Shelter in East Los Angeles and Women’s Correctional facility in Lynnwood.
  • If you sew, please consider sewing some of our gift bags. We have cut out 19 dozen bags ready for seams and an opening for the card to be put in the drawstring bag. These need to be completed by the end of October.


Volunteers are always welcome, with various activities from lunch preparations, serving at the clinic and sewing the gift bags.