About the Vestry

The St. Bede’s Vestry meets monthly If you have a topic of discussion, please contact any vestry member. The Vestry usually meets on the third Monday of the month at 6:30pm. Meetings are held via Zoom until the COVID pandemic abates.


Susan Holder (’23) – Senior Warden

Bond Harper (’22) – Junior Warden

Kimberly Bouzguenda (’23)

Alice Short (’22)

Ralph Sibley (’22) – Treasurer

Joshua Stegemeyer (’23)

Samira Tamer (’23)

Carl Townsend (’23)

Jerry Hornof  – Clerk

Frank Basile – Asst. Treasurer, Bookkeeping

Jennine Townsend – Asst. Treasurer, Pledges

Liz Mohler – Transition Chair

Delegates/Alternates to Convention

Elizabeth Mohler (’22); Susan Holder (’23)
Kyle Ferstead (’22); Jerry Hornof (’23)

Minutes from recent Vestry Meetings