Parish Contacts

If you would like to participate in any of our committees, please contact us.

Administration Jim Newman
Executive Committee Jerry Hornof, Alice Short
Finance & Facilities Committee Jerry Hornof, Tom Ledsam, Annette Graw
Audit Committee Jennine Townsend
Counters Office
Mission Committee Alice Short, James Davis, Jerry Hornof, Ralph Sibley
Brothers of Bede Jerry Hornof
Coffee hour Coordinator Office
Daughters of the King Kathy Fairchild
Friends of Music at St. Bede’s Annette Graw
Quill Editor (Newsletter) Office
Neighborhood Youth Association Jim Newman
AIDS feeding project Jeannette Young
OPCC & ERD Liason Jerry Hornof
St. Joseph Center Joyce Matlack
St. John’s Guild Janet Fox
Sisters of Bede Carly Portalupi
Stewardship Jerry Hornof
Webmaster Carl Townsend
Program Committee Elizabeth Coombs, Peggy Levenstein, Ruben Scott and Vicki Mouradian
Breakfast & Bible Vicki Mouradian
Choir Frank Basile
Church School and Nursery Adelaide Vaughn, Amy Dugre
Eucharistic Ministers Michael Gallagher
Eucharistic Visitors Daughters of the King
Greeters Russ Harter
Healing Ministry Peggy Levenstein
Lectors Dennis Winston
Librarian Kathy Russell
Sacristans Rea Crane
Tract Rack Rachel Haight