Sunday School at St. Bede’s

All are welcome at St. Bede’s Church School! We offer Sunday classes from September through June for children 4 – 18 years old. Classes are concurrent with our 10 AM service and the curriculum parallels the teachings of the adult service. Our teachers work with our children to develop strong bonds spiritually with each other, with our community, and with God. The curriculum is lectionary-based and called Living the Good News. Because Church School focuses on the same cycle of weekly readings used in our worship services, it encourages a multi-age, “Whole community” approach.

Through the Living the Good News curriculum children delve into their Christian education with a variety of learning media, including music, visual and applied arts, story-telling, drama, and movement.


Service Learning is also a major component of the St. Bede’s Sunday School program. The first Sunday of each month is dedicated to serving our community in meaningful ways. Children provide coffee hour for our congregation, participate in community outreach, and support the efforts of the Vestry and other church organizations to help those in need.

Sunday School pauses on Easter Sunday so families can worship together in Church, and for the month of December so our children can learn (or re-learn) the Christmas Story and put together the Christmas Pageant. Please join us each Christmas Eve at 4:30 PM as the Kids of Bede perform the best story ever.

With the dedication of our teachers and the help of parents and other church members, the St. Bede’s Church School flourishes.

If you have any questions about our program or ways to be involved, please feel free to email the church at
May the Lord bless our church school year.