On Call (June): Jerry Hornof and Joshua Stegemeyer

Pastoral Care Team

Betsy Hiteshew
Tana Raikes
Fr. Jim Newman 310-569-1575
Kathy Fairchild
Ralph Sibley

If you need assistance, please contact one of the On-call names.  Phone numbers can be found in the Parish Directory.  Please contact Fr. Jim if you do not have a directory.

Reach Out

A core team of Pastoral Care Coordinators is in place and is being supported by The Daughters of the King, who have chosen pastoral care as the focus of their prayer service to our community.
Parishioners needing care, or people aware of such needs in our parish, are invited to contact the Coordinator on call for the month (name and contact information is published in the Church Bulletins and in the Quill). The Coordinator on call will maintain close contact with Father Jim and the Vestry during his or her month of service.
In cases of emergency, parishioners are asked to notify Father Jim immediately, so that he can respond promptly.

How can you help?

  • Be ALERT to the needs in our parish for pastoral care
  • REPORT emergencies and other needs for care to Father Jim and to the Coordinator on call for the month.
  • CONSIDER BECOMING ACTIVE IN PASTORAL CARE ACTIVITIES. Please give us your feedback by filling out our Questionnaire and return it as soon as possible to the designated box in the narthex.
  • Feel free to include on a separate paper your SUGGESTIONS for strengthening our church community.

The Pastoral Care Team sends out a warm welcome and Prayers of Thankfulness to all who are participating in this work. Many who are home bound are happier, jobs are coming to those in search of work and the hearts of many at St Bede’s grows happier in immeasureable ways.

Why we need a Pastoral Care Team to assist our clergy:

Fellowship and Community are important to all of us who worship at St. Bede’s. We not only join in Christian worship, we also meet at coffee hours and other events.

These activities provide opportunities to share not only our joys and interests with one another, but also our cares and concerns. We pray for one another and often find our troubles are eased by our sense of belonging to a caring church.

Crisis situations, however, call for more than just informal sharing. In such cases, spiritual support from our clergy and regular prayerful contact during a period of recuperation may be urgently required.

The Pastoral Care Team can help by enabling ill or distressed parishioners to remain in contact with the church community during those times when they are unable to participate in their normal activities.

Members of the team are not acting as therapists or counselors; they are more like family friends representing our wider church family of St. Bede’s. They facilitate ongoing contact with St. Bede’s, and provide comfort through prayer, visits, and check-in telephone calls. Sometimes they may be able to help with specific practical needs during a crisis.

The team becomes involved only when a parishioner confirms a desire for such contact.

Requests for confidentiality will be honored.